Alien: Romulus trailer to be released today

The movie will be coming to cinemas in August.

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Many of us are looking forward to getting a better insight into what Fede Álvarez has cooked up with his new Alien film, and the wait is almost over. Because today a trailer from the film is promised, and we here at the editorial office are of course very hopeful.

The teaser released just under two months ago bodes well, and there are many indications that Álvarez has returned to the roots of the franchise. Darker, more intimate and more intense. The film will be released in cinemas on August 16 and we're keeping our fingers crossed that the trailer is really, really good. Keep an eye out on this page later.

Are you looking forward to Alien: Romulus and what did you think of the teaser?

Alien: Romulus trailer to be released today

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