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Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation on Switch actually improves image quality

A Digital Foundry breakdown had good news to share regarding the Nintendo Switch port of the horror title.

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Back in 2014 Creative Assembly released one of the most acclaimed horror titles of the decade with Alien: Isolation, and since this is coming out on Nintendo Switch today, Digital Foundry did a breakdown of this new version, finding some very positive results.

Using dynamic resolution scaling, contrast adaptive sharpening, and TAA (temporal anti-aliasing), Alien: Isolation hits near 1080p most of the time when docked, dropping as low as 756p in the worst cases. Using anti-aliasing solutions, however, the Switch version looks smoother by reducing edge shimmering and aliasing.

504p is the lowest point hit in handheld, although the native 720p resolution of the screen is the main target.

It's not all perfect - with motion blur absent in the Nintendo Switch edition - but it's great work considering the limited capabilities of the Switch hardware, with many ports being significantly downgraded (Doom, for example) when they made the jump.

There are other positives about the Switch version as well, including the use of surround sound, so it seems as if this is one of the standout ports for Nintendo's console thus far.

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Alien: Isolation

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