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Rainbow Six: Siege

Alexandre Remy about Rainbow Six and the esports scene

We had a chat with Ubisoft's brand director at the recent Pro League tournament.

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This weekend marked the finals of the first ever Rainbow Six Siege Pro League tournament. The franchise has certainly come a long way since the beginning and now it's taking its first steps onto the competitive esports stage. We had a chat with Alexandre Remy, brand director for Rainbow Six Siege, about how the transition has been and what makes this game different from other shooters.

"The word, that really was the key driver, was competition. Esports was more like the dream that we were hoping for somehow I guess. And being here today is a little bit of a special moment because this dream is starting to come true."

But even though these steps are only the first for the game, Remy and the rest of the team has already got plans for the futurue. The 30th of May will mark the beginning of Season 2 for Xbox and June 2nd will be the start for PC players.

"I think that we will essentially keep building what we are doing. This is the first stage. We have been three months out now on the competitive scene. And today marks the finals of the PC that has been running for about seven weeks. We do have a competitive Season 2 that's also revealed and announced.

As long as the players are here, we will be there as well."

Rainbow Six: Siege

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