Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2's tenth update addresses over 100 more problems

Remedy is squashing bugs and issues by the hundreds.

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Remedy Entertainment has been working tirelessly to continuously improve the performance of Alan Wake 2 ever since the game made its debut on October 27. To the end, while the game has only been out for 13 days, Remedy is already on its tenth update for the game, and this one, like various before it, is squashing a ton of bugs and fixing loads of issues. Over 100 to be exact.

The latest patch notes reveal that missing VO lines have been fixed, the HDR toggle has been corrected, all of the Pat Maine shows are now listenable, Alex Casey shouldn't T-pose as often, player progress won't get blocked by mischievous furniture, and it won't rain indoors anymore.

There were also an array of platform and mission-specific issues that have been corrected, so if something has been causing you some grief recently, be sure to check out the full patch notes here.

Alan Wake 2

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