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Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2's sound and music seems to take the game to another level

Remedy explains how the story and tension will benefit from what we hear.

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Three weeks ago, Remedy gave us a closer look at what to expect from the titular character in Alan Wake 2, but the Finnish developers aren't just known as amazing story-tellers because of the people we meet in their games. Everything works together, which means every single detail must live up to their and our high expectations. That includes sound.

The video below is all about Alan Wake 2's sound and music. Here we get to learn how timing of sounds can make all the difference, hear some of the interesting instrument choices, see how Poets of the Fall will get even more of the spotlight this time around, and how all of this will take both the gameplay and story-telling to another level when Alan Wake 2's launches on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series on the 27th of October.

Alan Wake 2

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