Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2: "we haven't given up on that dream"

Remedy are still dreaming of a potential sequel.

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We grabbed a word or two with Remedy's Sam Lake during Gamescom (you can see the full interview here) and, for the most part, we discussed Quantum Break. We did, however, ask about the oft-requested Alan Wake 2, and this is what the studio's creative director had to say on the matter.

"Quantum Break is very much a Remedy game, so if you liked what we've done before I'm sure you will not be disappointed, and as always we have nods and winks towards our other games, in our experiences," Lake said. "We've openly talked about our passion for Alan Wake, and we haven't given up on that dream. So I'm really hoping that we're able to see more Wake at some point."

We're sure he's not the only one.

Alan Wake 2

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