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Air Royale sees you battle planes in new Fortnite mode

Another Limited Time Mode has also been added which sees you defend your mascot from lava and the other team.

If you've been wanting some more aerial action in Fortnite then update v8.40 might have just the thing for you, as this brings the Limited Time Mode (LTM) called Air Royale, where you compete to be the last plane standing. This also brings brand new free challenges to get wraps as well.

This is a mode for duos, and each plane has three lives, meaning you respawn until you die three times. Also, parking the plane on the ground for more than a few seconds causes it to explode, and hijacking other planes gives you a life back, taking one from them. What's more is the storm also has a ceiling that gradually lowers, and loot chests fall from the sky to boost your plane as well, not to mention repair kits.

Food Fight - Deep Fried is another LTM that's landed, seeing two teams try to protect their mascot by building as lava rises from the floor. When the barrier between the teams comes down, however, you have to fight to destroy the enemy mascot, at which point the enemy team can't respawn when dead. 100 percent extra resources are gained from farming in this mode, and building resources are increased too.

With regards to weapons, the egg-themed grenade launcher called Egg Launcher is back, and Epic and Legendary Infantry Rifle variants have been added, along with the ability to pet the dog and other pets.


Fans of Creative shouldn't feel left out though, because The Explosive Device has been added for some extra chaos, along with the ability to customise the in-game scoreboard in news ways. What's more is that featured Island portals now appear as doorways to these featured games in the hub, and the text above portals has been simplified to show the creator and Island names.


Lastly we have Save the World, which is getting a new soldier suitable for Easter called Bunny Brawler Luna, as you can see in the image below. Then we have Dashing Hare Ken, and the return of Beta Storm Test the Limits. The number of race gates have been increased from 4 to 6 with this update, and a cinematic has been added to clarify when the race begins too.


For more on all the specifics of changes to all three modes, head on over to the full patch notes.

Will you be taking to the skies?

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