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Dota 2

AI team from OpenAI beat professional Dota squad OG

They are the first AI team to beat a professional one in a live setting, and this historic win came over The International champions no less.

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OpenAI is an AI research company that has been developing technology for Dota 2, and just recently their technology took on The International champions OG and actually won to make history as the first AI to win against a professional team in a live match.

You can watch a highlight of the match here, and as outlined on OpenAI's blog, the team has learned from losses in live settings and victories in private matches to get to this point.

The OpenAI Five team also discovered the ability for the AI to be a teammate with humans, turning it from competitive into cooperative, meaning that the company is "hopeful that future AI systems can be very beneficial for humans given active development effort."

Also, from April 18 to 21 the team are scaling up OpenAI Five to play the internet, with a final test to determine "to what extent OpenAI Five is exploitable or can otherwise be reliably beaten."

How far can AI go in esports?

Dota 2
Photo: OpenAI

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