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Dota 2

AI could not beat the Dota 2 pros at The International

OpenAI's technology lost to paiN.

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We reported back in June that AI-controlled Dota 2 players would face off against pros at The International competition that's going on right now, and Wired has reported that the AI has not managed to topple real players just yet.

The team paiN beat the AI yesterday, who were provided by OpenAI, although it wasn't all doom and gloom for OpenAI, as their players got more kills than the pros. AI researcher Mike Cook, however took to Twitter to mention a few things about these computer players:

"The bots are a lot less aggressive than before. They feel worse than the previous exhibition, I think (but still, amazing). The bots are still very good at moment-to-moment, but they seem bad at macro-level decisions."

Will we see AI defeat humans at Dota 2 in the near future?

Dota 2
Photo: Valve

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