Agents of Mayhem

Agents of Mayhem trailer goes for "show, don't tell"

You know those secret, stealthy agents? This trio ain't that...

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Over the past few months, Volition has introduced us to a few of the different groups of agents we'll get to play in Agents of Mayhem. Most of these have some kind of common theme or personality trait within their group. It shouldn't be too hard to spot what the folks in Firing Squad have in common.

Fair enough, they behave quite differently. We can see Kingpin blasting music and posing when teleporting into his car, while Oni dresses to the nines while using a silenced pistol, and the melee-focused Scheherazade takes inspiration from ninjas and Sub-Zero. Still, all of them seem to go for a fairly flashy approach when taking out enemies, so these are definitely not secret agents.

Which character has caught your eye?

Agents of Mayhem

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