Agent 47 to have hair in the Hitman TV series

No word on the style or colour has been mentioned yet, however.

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The writer for the upcoming TV series adaptation of Hitman has revealed some information about the show in an interview with Collider. Derek Kolstad, known as one of the creators of John Wick mentioned that he has finished writing the first two episodes of the show, and amid a few other interesting details about the direction it takes, he stated that "he's got a full head of hair," when talking about Agent 47.

"I wrote Episode 1 and 2, and what was great is they let me come in [and] introduce a character like that to our post-modern world. And I did it very much like The Third Man meets Three Days in the Condor. You're introduced to a guy who's very much the hitman we know from the games, but he's got a full head of hair, and he's independent," said Kolstad.

No word on what style or colour hair Agent 47 will be rocking has been mentioned, but we'd like to think that a deep brown mullet would suit him great, especially since Kolstad also mentioned that Agent 47 is "very much that early '80s, late '70s assassin we read about in the books."

What hairstyle would you like to see Agent 47 sport in the TV series?

Agent 47 to have hair in the Hitman TV series

Thanks, Collider.

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