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League of Legends

Agency for Professional Esports announced

The player agency has been founded by a League of Legends veteran.

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A new organisation dedicated to improving the lifestyle and professionalism of players in esports has been created, and one of the people at the helm is veteran League of Legends player Alberto Rengifo, known by many as Crumbz. The Agency for Professional Esports was founded in partnership with agents and lawyers who have worked with the NFL and Hollywood in the past.

Crumbzz announced the creation of the organisation, known as APE for short, via a YouTube video, stating that it will handle a great deal of essentials for players, including contract negotiations, individual sponsorships, branding and post-career management. His reasoning in doing this is to take away many of the responsibilities for esports players to help them enjoy the esports scene and have their own life at the same time.

APE will also endeavour to help players have a career after their life in esports comes to a close, and plan to fight for more player accomplishments like KDA and MVP awards, similarly to how these issues are dealt with in traditional sports.

Crumbzz has been in the esports scene for quite some time now, being an analyst for a number of League of Legends tournaments and more, so he's definitely suited to be one of the founding members of APE, which will surely do a lot of good for players in esports. Do you think this is a good initiative?

League of Legends
Photo: Team Dignitas

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