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Afreeca Freecs sign Bang and Lehends

A consecutive winner of Worlds, and one of the most aggressive Supports will make up the Freecs new bottom lane.

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The Afreeca Freecs organisation has signed two more players to its League of Legends line-up, in Bottom-laner Bae "Bang" Jun-sik and Support Son "Lehends" Si-woo. Both players are under contract until mid-November 2021, meaning their stay could be short or long-term, either way, the Afreeca Freecs will look to these new additions to build on their success in last season, which saw them finish third in the LCK Regional Finals.

The post accompanying the signing information reads as follows: "We're happy to announce our new bottom duo. Bang, who is a consecutive winner of worlds, and four-time champion of LCK, and Lehends, who is the most aggressive support based on powerful skills, have joined Afreeca Freecs today. We hope they will show good chemistry as bottom duo, and please look forward to our 2021 season."

Bang and Lehends both commented on the signing as well.

"I want to improve myself through competition, with the best players in LCK," said Bang. "As I continue to learn, I won't give up and do my best to show you more than you expect."

Lehends on the other hand said; "I'm glad to join Afreece Freecs, and can't wait to play with good teammates. Thanks for your support and I'll show you a good performance."

Do you think this new bottom duo will help the Afreeca Freecs find further success?

League of Legends
Afreeca Freecs
League of Legends
Afreeca Freecs

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