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AEW: Fight Forever

AEW: Fight Forever gets ESRB rating

Hopefully this will release the launch date from its limbo.

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The upcoming wrestling game AEW: Fight Forever has yet to reveal its release date. Despite planning a 2022 launch, that window has obviously sailed by and yet the company hasn't given us a new date to look forward to.

It was claimed that a dispute with the game's ESRB rating was the reason AEW: Fight Forever was locked in a release date limbo. However, now the game has received its official rating via the ESRB, which is T for Teen.

Looking at the content AEW: Fight Forever has, we can see things like dirty words, Molotov cocktails, and a good amount of blood.

Hopefully, this means a release date announcement isn't too far away, though now AEW: Fight Forever has another wrestling game to contend with in WWE 2K23, so we'll have to see if the former can hold a candle to the biggest name in pro-wrestling games.

AEW: Fight Forever

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