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AER: Memories of Old

AER could be released for Wii U as well

But focus is on the announced platforms for now.

Swedish indie developer Forgotten Key have teamed up with Daedalic to bring the ambitious open world adventure AER to PC, PS4 and Xbox One in 2016. Speaking to Robin Hjelte, studio head of Forgotten Key, we learned that this game could appear on Wii U very well, "but we concentrate on the announced plattforms. But if AER is successful, maybe we bring it to Wii U as well."

Hjelte pointed out, that Wii U is a viable platform as it got dedicated fans. Shovel Knight is a good example of what works really well. So fingers crossed, that this interesting experience, where you are free like a bird, will be released on this platform as well. Release is planned in 2016 and a video interview with Robin Hjelte from Forgotten Key with more information is coming up on Gamereactor soon.

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AER: Memories of OldAER: Memories of OldAER: Memories of Old

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