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Pool Panic

Adult Swim releasing Pool Panic on Switch this year

With over 100 levels of crazy pool-themed enemies.

Pool is a pretty standard game right? Well, when Adult Swim get their hands on it, it's not, and that's exactly what we'll be seeing in Pool Panic, which is releasing for the Nintendo Switch this year, as announced on today's intense Nindies livestream.

The game follows you as a "clueless cueball" exploring a number of weird and wonderful environments to defend yourself against weird and wonderful threats like biker balls and ballerina balls. Of course the eight ball is always the goal, but there's a bit more than just your usual pool rules here.

With 100 levels and local multiplayer with up to four players, there shouldn't be any shortage of content when Pool Panic launches first as a system exclusive for Nintendo's console (it's also coming to PC via Steam). Do you like the look of the game?

Pool Panic
Pool Panic

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