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Adult Swim cuts ties with Rick and Morty's Justin Roiland

The network wants to stay on the safe side after the domestic abuse allegations against him, but it sounds like the show will continue.

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Many companies have been very quick about ridding themselves of any connection to people accused of doing bad stuff the last few years, so fans of Rick and Morty have been holding their breath ever since Justin Roiland was charged with felony domestic violence earlier this month. We can relax now...to some extent.

Adult Swim reveals it has "ended its association with Justin Roiland", which is why the next part is kind of fascinating. Because the statement continues by saying Rick and Morty will continue, and the creators are still hard at work on season 7 of the show. Very interesting, considering Roiland voices the titular characters and is a co-creator of the show. We'll see what this cutting of ties actually means in the coming days and/or weeks.

What do you think is the right decision?

High on Life

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