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Djungarian Story

Adorable pet simulator Djungarian Story announced, will launch on Switch in May

The simulator allows you to raise your own adorable virtual hamsters.

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We are sure due to different reasons, many of you are not able or allowed to keep any pet in real life. No matter it's because you're too busy, don't have enough space, or simply not sure if you're responsible enough. It's okay, this is why we have those pet simulators. In a video game world, you don't have to worry too much and can just enjoy some relaxing time with your cute digital pets.

Japanese developer/publisher Success just announced a really cute pet hamster simulator, Djungarian Story, and this title will land on Nintendo Switch on May 10 with English, Japanese, and Chinese (Traditional and Simplified) language support. In this game you can pet, play and feed your hamster, and these hamsters can even have babies. You'll also be able to decorate their "house", which is the cage they live in.

The basic digital edition is set to be 1,000 yen, and the DLC pack which will roll out in June will cost you 500 yen. Other than these, there's also a limited physical edition which includes the DLC, base game, digital item bonus, original papercraft, and a special sticker set. For this edition, the price is set to be 2500 yen.

Is Djungarian Story something you'd like to get on your hybrid console?

Djungarian Story
Djungarian Story
Djungarian Story

Thanks, gematsu

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