Adele designed and made a custom Rust Halloween outfit for her son

The singer told fans about the ordeal during one of her Las Vegas residency shows.

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If you had Adele making a custom Rust Halloween costume for her son on your 2023 bingo card, then boy do we have some news for you. As noticed by VGC, the famed singer talked about how she was tasked with creating a homemade Rust costume for her son for this year's Halloween, all as part of one of her Las Vegas residency shows.

Adele was filmed by TikTok user kelly.s27 talking about the ordeal of creating the costume, and how since you can't buy any Rust costumes, she had to source items off Amazon to put together a DIY costume instead.

Speaking to the crowd at the show, Adele opened up with "Do we have any gamers here, tonight?" before expressing her aptitude for sourcing items off Amazon and then updating fans that the outfit didn't exactly go down as planned with her son.

Check out the clip here.


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