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Adam Driver won't be coming back to Comic-Con

The Kylo Ren actor described his experience attending his first Comic-Con.

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While Adam Driver has grown to become quite a successful actor, following appearances in critically acclaimed movies Marriage Story and BlacKkKlansman, Driver is arguably best known for his portrayal of Kylo Ren in Star Wars Episodes VII, VIII, and IX. That level of acclaim has led to Driver being quite the sought after actor at major conventions, particularly Comic-Con, of which he has no desire to really to return to following a former appearance.

Driver recently showed up to The Graham Norton Show on the BBC, where he talked about his uncomfortable experience at Comic-Con.

"I got in at a hotel at 2 in the morning... and I'm like, 'Maybe tomorrow I'll go get a coffee.' And they're like, 'Oh no, you can't get a coffee.' I'm like, 'Well, maybe I'll get a coffee in the hotel.' They're like, 'No, you can't get a coffee in the hotel... If you want to go outside,' they're like, 'Put a mask on so nobody knows who you are.'"

Driver continued, "I opened my window, because I'd been in the room for 24 hours before this thing we were supposed to do, then there was a band at the bottom of the building playing the Star Wars theme on repeat, because we [the cast] were all staying in the hotel. It was scary."

"I saw what it was. I mean, it's nice. I'm not anxious to go again."

What do you think about Driver's experience at Comic-Con?

Adam Driver won't be coming back to Comic-Con

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