Project: Echoes of the End
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Actress Aldís Hamilton becomes a king's murderer in Echoes of the End

This adventure is planning to make use of the Unreal Engine 5.

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Update: Myrkur Games has informed us that Project: Echoes of the End is currently still based on Unreal Engine 4. However, it is the declared goal of the developers to switch to Unreal Engine 5 in the course of production, and that what we've seen so far is old technology.

We have also been informed that Ryn is not a princess but rather a mere servant of the crown.

Myrkur Games, a studio from Iceland, is working on a promising action adventure with the provisional working title "Project: Echoes of the End". During a recent reveal event, we were introduced to Princess Ryn, who set out on a journey after she became a king's murderer. After her grievous ambush, she managed to escape her captors, but ran into a scholar, who noticed the assassin. They joined forces to help each other cross dangerous ruins but the late king's guards are hot on their heels.

After the history lesson, in-game footage produced in Unreal Engine 5 was shown. The two main characters discussed something but their philosophical conversation was interrupted after a magical golem came to life in front of them. However, the presentation ended before the actual fight begun, so we didn't saw any gameplay. What caught our eye is the young assassin Ryn, who is played by the actress Aldís Amah Hamilton from the Netflix show Valhalla Murders.

According to the publisher, Echoes of the End is a third-person adventure filled with fights and puzzles. In addition to the story, the narrative focus is centred on the relationship of the two central protagonists. The title is primarily a single player game, but it sounded like multiplayer content is being planned, too. We don't know a release date yet, but PC and (next-gen) console gamers should be able to experience the game sometimes in the future.

Project: Echoes of the End
Project: Echoes of the EndProject: Echoes of the End

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