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Activision rewards new CFO with $15 million bonus

As the management shuffle continues, the publisher's latest chief financial officer is getting a rather sweet bonus.

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Activision has just handed newly appointed CFO Dennis Durkin a $15 million sweetener, a tidy sum that should help him settle into the role. Durkin will get $11.3 million in restricted stock tied to operating income and earnings-per-share targets and a $3.75 million bonus for signing on as the company's new chief financial officer. And that's on top of his $900K basic (and $1.35 million target bonus).

Actually, it's his second stint in the role, and he moves back to the position he held until 2017 after the company's last chief financial officer was given the boot for interviewing for a similar role at Netflix. Lucky for him, he got the job, and lucky for Durkin too, as his reprised role as CFO has certainly paid off for him.

Activision rewards new CFO with  million bonus

Thanks, Bloomberg.

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