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Halo Infinite

Acend Club is exiting Halo esports

The esports organisation is unhappy with the treatment it has received from 343 Industries.

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The esports organisation, Acend Club, has announced that it will be exiting the Halo esports scene. Revealed in a new statement posted to social media, the team has stated that the decision stems from the treatment it has received from developer 343 Industries.

Acend notes that it has "experienced a number of problems with decisions made and with the people in charge of Halo Esports", and that there has been "incredibly poor communication" from the esports team at the studio.

This came after Acend missed out on a partnership spot in the Halo Championship Series, and then allegedly saw 343 ignore any forms of communication with the esports organisation, as it attempted to improve in the hope of earning a partnership slot in the future. To this point, Acend states that 343 had not yet shared any further information about the 2023 esports plan in December 2022, and that any requests asking about this were ignored by the developer, leading Acend to become very uncertain about its future in the scene.

Halo Infinite

This wasn't helped by the obstacles that Acend then faced at physical events hosted by 343, and the alleged unfair treatment the team received at the World Championship.

Acend sounded off by adding that 343 and the HCS team "do not understand how to create an attractive ecosystem for organisations, especially outside of the NA region and partnership program."

Halo Infinite

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