According to user reviews, Hades is the best Steam game of 2020

Factorio, Phasmophobia and Half-Life: Alyx all also received some love.

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With 2020 on its last legs finally, we've seen what rose to the top of the charts of Steam, and unsurprisingly it's Supergiant Games' fabulous roguelite Hades. The title we credited as one of our 2020 Games of the Year, managed to achieve 99% positive reviews with over 105,009 votes and when you think about it, that's pretty incredible.

Alongside this and following Hades is a series of indie games, as this list of the best doesn't feature all that many AAAs. In second is Factorio, third is Phasmophobia and we have to dive all the way to fifth to see Half-Life: Alyx (another awesome game we credited in our 2020 Games of the Year). The full list of the top 25 can be seen below.

How many games on this list did you play?


Thanks, PCGamesN.

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REVIEW. Written by Ricardo C. Esteves

"If you like the roguelite genre, Hades is an excellent proposition, and of course, if you're a fan of Supergiant Games, it's mandatory."

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