One Military Camp

Abylight talks about One Military Camp, develop and publish at Gamelab Tenerife

We catch up with Eva Gaspar in Tenerife to learn more about the promising One Military Camp currently in private beta, the challenges facing the European industry and the resurgence of simulation and construction games.

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The Gamelab Tenerife congress brought together some of the most prominent members of the European video game industry to discuss and define future strategies to be more competitive in the global market and at the same time seek ways to attract more talent to work in the sector. We have already brought here the voices of personalities such as Peter Molyneux or Oscar Wolontis, but Gamelab Tenerife was also attended by an important representation of the Spanish industry, as is the case of Eva Gaspar, CEO of Abylight, who in addition to participating as a speaker at the summit, was also kind enough to grant us an interview in which we addressed both the above topics and Abylight's future projects and trends in the returning genres.

Specifically, we were able to learn more about One Military Camp, the management simulator in which we must build and optimize a military training camp, which the Barcelona-based studio (and publisher) will launch in early 2023. Gaspar talked about the long development of this project, as well as the support and feedback from the community that grows around it.

"We started developing in November 2020, and we announced the release in February 2023, so it's been a long time development. It's a strategy-city building-sim game (...) and it's a very great game. After more than 20 years developing games, it's the first game that we actually developed with the community. So we've been since March when we released our first demo, we've getting feedback from players directly, and that's been a very exciting process of creating, because we know what we want to do, but it is awesome to get feed back from the people who will play it."


In addition to talking about the game itself, we also reflected with Eva Gaspar on this "resurgence" of simulation and management games that we are currently experiencing, as well as the reasons for players to become interested in the genre again. To this, she commented:

"I don't know about everybody, but definitely, when you come to a certain age, you have a very limited time. (...) If you're gonna invest time in a game, you want to make sure that that game has a long life span, for you to get you know, that enjoyment."

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