Abandoned brings realistic survival horror to PS5 this fall

The Dutch developers at Blue Box Game Studios are making something those who like Resident Evil's new direction should take note of.

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We're exactly one month away from the launch of Resident Evil Village, but that's not the only beautiful first-person survival horror game PlayStation 5-owners can look forward to this year.

The Netherlands-based studio Blue Box Game Studios has announced Abandoned, a PlayStation 5-exclusive survival horror with a heavy focus on realism both in terms of mechanics and visuals. We'll be waking up in a mysterious forest as a guy named Jason Longfield, who obviously doesn't remember how he got there. It's clear that he didn't just hit his head while jogging or something, however. In fact, he was kidnapped and brought there for "a dark purpose", according to the developers. "Dark purpose" doesn't necessarily mean an all out supernatural experience though, as the previously mentioned realistic approach applies to many different things. Your hands will start shaking or swaying while holding a gun when your pulse is high, the gun will fire realistically slow and ammunition won't exactly be growing on the trees. Making it a PS5-exclusive also allows the team to really take advantage of the DualSense's functions and the console's 3D audio, so it will be very interesting if this could be a surprise hit when it arrives this fall.

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