Kraven the Hunter

Aaron Taylor-Johnson "didn't care" for blockbusters like Avengers and Godzilla

Now he's playing Kraven, he's ready to take comic book movies a bit more seriously.

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The blockbusters came thick and fast for actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who appeared in big movies like Kickass, Godzilla and Avengers: Age of Ultron, but didn't make many more appearances in such films until he was cast in the comic book movie Kraven the Hunter. However, Taylor-Johnson explained to Esquire that he didn't really care about these blockbusters, as he prioritized his own children over those sorts of movies at the time:

"All those things lined up for me. [...] But I didn't really care for them. I wanted, purely, to be with my babies. I didn't want to be taken away from them. I battled with what that would be like... I also slightly didn't give a f-ck."

Now that the actor is taking on another comic book project like Kraven, however, it seems that the attitude has changed somewhat and he says he will take it seriously this time:

"I mean, quite honestly, I thought I'd actually been done with these sorts of movies. You can't step into this role, you can't step into what this franchise is, with a f-cking half-assed, let's see how it goes attitude. You have to be mentally prepared for what could come with that. I think I'm secure in my life now to know that I'm happy to deal with that."

The film, described as a tragedy by director J.C. Chandor, will be released towards the end of August.

Vad tycker du om Taylor-Johnson? Vill du se honom som Kraven the Hunter?

Kraven the Hunter

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