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Aaron Greenberg talks positive dev response to Xbox One X

Rise of the Tomb Raider and Ark studios are among those appreciating it.

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At Gamescom in Cologne this year we got to speak with Xbox's Aaron Greenberg about what lies ahead for Xbox, what with the release of the Xbox One X coming up, and during our time we asked him about the response that the Project Scorpio edition of the console has received.

"Well we made the Project Scorpio edition as really something special for the fans, and so it's a super limited edition," he said. "We knew that the first fans who would line up for pre-order are our biggest fans and so we wanted to give them something special. So the responses actually well exceeded what we expected [...] overall we've been frankly overwhelmed by the demand and we've sold out in many places much faster than we expected, so I think that's a good problem to have."

We also asked about developer response to the Xbox One X, to which Greenberg responded: "It's been positive you know, and obviously as the marketing person I am generally going to say things are positive, but I think the reality is that if you hear what they say it's pretty amazing. I mean the guys from Studio Wildcard, who made Ark, talked about how they got the game up and running in a matter of hours on Xbox One X, how they weren't sure [if it would] be able to reach ultra PC settings, and they're actually planning to bring the ultra PC settings version to Xbox One X."

"So what we're finding is that developers [...] they're getting it up and running fast, so what that means is they can spend a lot more time on the game, and not getting it up and running, and so that means they can go optimise a lot of effects, particles, load times, a lot of those things that, really, is what gamers care about."

He also used Rise of the Tomb Raider as another example, adding that Crystal Dynamics "actually said the highest fidelity version of Tomb Raider that's ever existed will be the Xbox One X version," as the developer has recently revealed the Xbox One X enhancements for the game.

What game are you most looking forward to playing on the new console?

Aaron Greenberg talks positive dev response to Xbox One X

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