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Aardman only has enough clay to make one more film


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Aardman, the stop-motion animation studio who is based in Bristol, UK and is known for bringing to life Wallace & Gromit and Chicken Run by using clay, has revealed that it is facing a serious dilemma.

As per The Telegraph, Aardman is staring down the issue of running out the clay that it requires to make movies. The reason being is that the studio uses a very specific type of clay that has only ever been created by Lewis Newplast. As for why Aardman is in trouble, Newplast has only ever created its clay in a factory in Torquay, and recently that factory has shut down, leaving Aardman without a future supply of its signature clay.

When hearing the news of the imminent closure, Aardman did buy up as much clay as the factory available, but Aardman notes that this will only be enough to make one more film, specifically the next Wallace & Gromit that is expected in 2024. This means following that movie, Aardman will need to find a suitable clay replacement or instead be forced to stop making films altogether.

As for what the animation studio does have in store next, Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget will debut on Netflix next month.

Aardman only has enough clay to make one more film

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