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A Way Out

A Way Out won't hit Switch and takes 6-8 hours to complete

Co-op only game possible to play through in one solid sitting.

We're just a week away from the release of A Way Out, developed by the Swedish indie studio Hazelight (backed by EA and part of the EA Originals line), probably most known for their creative lead Josef Fares, a well known film director who made a now infamous rant about the Academy Awards during last year's The Game Awards. A Way Out is a game that's only playable in co-op, there's no option to play it on your own, but thus far the length of the game has been kept secret.

However, in an interview (with Gamespot) Fares estimated it takes 6-8 hours to play through the game. He also says there are no plans for a Switch version of the game and adds that he will never make a game with microtransactions.

A review of A Way Out will be published here next week around launch time.

A Way Out