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A Way Out

A Way Out has sold 2 million copies

Hazelight and Josef Fares' prison-escape game has clearly made an impact, even with the sole co-op focus.

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A Way Out separates itself from many games by being exclusively co-op, meaning that you can't even play it alone, hence why the whole experience is designed for two players to fill the shoes of the protagonists. This is rather unique, and it seems to be popular with players, as developer Hazelight Studios has revealed some impressive sales figures on Twitter.

"A Way Out has sold 2 (two!) million copies," the tweet says. "To all the millions of co-op fans out there, thank you for embracing the story of Leo and Vincent! We can't wait to show our next awesome co-op game - we know you will go nuts."

We actually spoke to developer Josef Fares earlier this summer at Gamelab in Barcelona, and he said to us that we can expect big things from the next project, but that it's not going to be a straight sequel to A Way Out.

"It's something totally different, but you will definitely see that it's a Hazelight game. So I'm super excited, it's gonna be... f***, it's gonna be good," he said.

For those who haven't had a chance to try A Way Out yet, check out our review here. Have you enjoyed the game?

A Way Out

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