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A Way Out

A Way Out has been played by 2.6 million

Co-op only game has outperformed expectations.

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Prison break adventure A Way Out from Swedish developer Hazelight Studios has quietly amassed an impressive player count since its launch in March. More than 2.6 million players have enjoyed it as mentioned in an earnings call by EA CFO Blake Jorgensen. The manager also said that sales of the game "outperformed" the publisher's expectations. As you may recall each copy of the game that's been sold came with a second code so that the co-op only game could be enjoyed with a friend online, so the 2.6 million player count, likely represents about 200% of the actual sales, maybe a little less, as it's likely the game has sold somewhere in the region of 1.3-1.5 million copies, possibly a little more.

A Way Out

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