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A turn-based RPG with teams of creatures playing volleyball? That's Beastieball

Wishes Unlimited has surprised us with a mix of genres that is as surprising as it is intriguing.

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As soon as Summer Game Fest ended, Day of the Devs began, the conference with which Double Fine gives voice and presence to independent studios to take advantage of Geoff Keighley's showcase to present their games. An initiative without which we would surely have missed great titles, or as genuine, as this Beastieball.

Beastieball is a turn-based RPG in which we must team up with colourful creatures called Beasties (each with a certain personality and abilities, with a certain Pokémon tone) to play volleyball.

Through elaborate combos and synergies we can perform moves to defeat the opponent, who can also be a human player. The Wishes Unlimited studio wanted to postulate their first game with an eye towards eSports, but there is still time for that, when Beastieball will be launched in 2024.


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