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A ToeJam & Earl movie is in the works

It's coming from Amazon Studios and Steph Curry's Unanimous Media.

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There are a lot of video game adaptations in the works, but now to join this list is actually ToeJam & Earl. The cult classic from the early 90s is being adapted into a feature film by both Amazon Studios and also NBA legend Steph Curry's Unanimous Media, with the project looking to tell the story about how the two radical aliens came to Earth to find a cure for a disease that eradicated their home planet's rhythm and funk.

The news comes from The Hollywood Reporter, who states that the writers behind Hotel Transylvania 4, Amos Vernon and Nunzio Randazzo, will be handling the script, and that the project will team up with the production company Story Kitchen (a company that has its hands full with a ton of game adaptations, including Splinter Cell, Sifu, and more) to produce the movie.

There's no word on any casting yet, or when the project will be released, as it does seem to be very early on in its production right now.

A ToeJam & Earl movie is in the works

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