A third-party Nintendo Direct is coming September 17

Recent rumours suggest that we could be seeing a brand new Switch-exclusive Monster Hunter title.

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It seems to be a very busy week for video game news, as a new Nintendo Direct Mini for third-party companies was just announced for Thursday, September 17th at 3pm BST. It joins the PlayStation 5 special event and Facebook Connect, which are both happening today (Wednesday).

The short introduction only says that there will be new details about upcoming games produced by Nintendo partners, but let's speculate a little bit about what is coming. In first place, Bravely Default II is a no brainer, as Square Enix set it for 2020 and never changed the release window, and Nintendo (acting as a Western distributor) already put on the eShop a couple of JRPGs for the Nintendo Switch around year's end (Xenoblade Chronicles II and Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore).

But all eyes will be on the screen waiting for the announcement for a new Monster Hunter game. The leaker known as DuskGollem made three predictions a few weeks ago: the PlayStation event will be around mid-September, news about Shenmue not related to a new video game, and Capcom's first Monster Hunter for Switch on RE Engine. With two of the three being true, expectations are really high.

Let's see if SUDA51 finally shares the first gameplay of No More Heroes 3, and don't forget that Apex Legends is coming to the hybrid console, so a shadowdrop after the show is not out of scope.

What do you expect from the short Nintendo Direct Mini?

A third-party Nintendo Direct is coming September 17

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