The Fall Guy

A The Fall Guy sequel is already written and ready to go

Ryan Gosling: "The sequel sort of wrote itself."

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While The Fall Guy has only been in cinemas for a few days and is seemingly not performing hugely well, with around $64 million to its name after its opening weekend, which is thought to be around half of its production budget, Ryan Gosling and the team behind the film are hoping that they'll get a chance to return to this franchise.

Speaking with Fast Company, Gosling was asked about doing more stunts in a hypothetical sequel to the film, to which he replied and revealed that a sequel script is already prepared and ready to go.

"The sequel sort of wrote itself. We already know [the story] intimately. We're just hoping that people like this movie enough that we get to keep telling the story of these characters. We love them so much, and we love this world, and I feel confident that we can do it."

Gosling continued slightly to clarify what he meant, adding, "We already—I mean, we love these characters so much that we wanted to know, just for ourselves, what happens to Colt and [Emily Blunt's character] Jody after the movie ends? What's the next phase for them? And we know exactly what it is. So hopefully the audience wants to know, too."

It's unclear if this story will ever be told judging by the box office performance so far, but hopefully we'll get to see it, as The Fall Guy was a lot of fun, as our review attests.

The Fall Guy

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