A Tera and PUBG crossover event has been announced

The two Bluehole developed titles will combine for what's a pretty strange mash up all things considered.

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On a post made on the official website, Tera has announced a limited time crossover event with PUBG that players of the MMO can take part in. In it, players of Tera can earn themselves PUBG themed rewards for their characters and explore the Highwatch zone that'll be filled with planes and trucks straight from the battle royale.

Players above level 60 are able to participate in the daily events, which have level 70 enemies spawn and PUBG loot crates fall from the sky. By defeating the enemies and opening the crates within a two-hour span, players will earn crates, keys, event consumables, and battle points (which can be traded in for PUBG helmets). By logging for at least an hour every day, you earn a daily reward of keys and crates. And even further rewards can be earnt by defeating bosses and completed dungeons.

As both TERA and PUBG were developed by Bluehole (before PUBG was spun off into its own studio called PUBG Corp), it makes sense that this crossover happened. That paired with PUBG's popularity across the globe (with it recently winning the Steam Game of the Year award) make this limited time event a great move for getting more people playing TERA.

The PUBG x TERA crossover will be coming to all platforms and will last 30 days starting from March 5 until April 5.

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