A Tale of Paper
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A Tale of Paper is coming to next-gen consoles, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One

The game expects to arrive on these platforms later this year.

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Publisher Digerati earlier just announced that they are bringing A Tale of Paper, a game that is currently exclusive on PS4, onto more platforms later this year.

"We're teaming up with @openhousegames to bring A Tale of Paper to the following platforms:

- PC
- Xbox One
- Xbox Series X | S
- PS5
- Nintendo Switch

You'll be running from roombas and sneaking past spiders soon enough!" Digerati wrote on Twitter.

If you don't know yet, A Tale of Paper is a puzzle-platformer featuring this magical creature called Line. It is made of paper and can use origami to change its shape. Playing as Line, you will encounter challenges, solve puzzles and have to escape danger across these beautifully crafted in-game environments. Its Steam page is live and you can check more details there.

Check the newly-released trailer below.

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