A sponge mod in Minecraft can absorb the ocean itself

Sponges don't pack that much of a punch, so one user took to Reddit to share a much more enhanced version.

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Minecraft has a lot to do already, as you can build a base, explore mines, and set sail on the seas for new and uncharted lands, but what about sponges? Sure, they're featured in the game, but one Reddit user called QUANTED wasn't too happy with how they worked, so they made their own version via a mod.

This absorbs water, just like you'd expect a sponge to do, but it's more of an accelerated effect as it dries up all water in its path indefinitely, as you can see from the ocean itself drying up in the video on Reddit. This version is meant to stop after 100 to 150 blocks, but QUANTED says that "it could go on forever" for unlimited absorption.

Is this one of the more entertaining mods you've found?


Thanks, PC Gamer.

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