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Super Animal Royale

A special Halloween event is now live in Super Animal Royale

Players have access to a new time-limited mode called "The Bwoking Dead."

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Halloween events are currently being held left, right, and centre within our favourite titles. One of the many games that is celebrating Halloween in style is Super Animal Royale, an indie battle royale that features a cast of adorable animals. The game's Halloween event is live right now and it introduces a new time-limited mode known as "The Bwoking Dead" and several spooky-themed cosmetics.

The aforementioned "The Bwoking Dead" mode can be played with up to 40 players in squads of 4. Here four random players are infected with a pretty nasty sounding disease known as "The Cluckles," which slowly turns them into "ravenous rotting chickens." Whilst this is pretty grotesque, it has its advantages, as infected players have enhanced hearing and movement speed. It certainly sounds true to the spirit of Halloween, and we can't wait to check it out.

You can take a look at a developer overview for the Halloween event in the video above.

Super Animal Royale

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