Back 4 Blood
Featured: E3 2021 Coverage

A PvP Showcase for Back 4 Blood is set to air on June 13 at E3

The team-based shooter also received a new gameplay trailer at Summer Game Fest.

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At last night's Summer Game Fest event we were treated to another teaser trailer for Left 4 Dead spiritual successor Back 4 Blood (you can check it out above).

We also learned that the game's PvP mode will be receiving the spotlight at E3 within a special showcase on June 13 at 10PM BST. This will be aired on the game's official Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook channels, and it will feature a reveal of all-new gameplay and a discussion with the developers at Turtle Rock Studios.

In addition to this, it was also revealed that the team-based shooter would also be receiving an open beta August 12-16 and there will be an early access period August 5-9 for those that have pre-ordered the game. There is a chance for players who have not pre-ordered the game to register for early access, but this won't ensure you'll get in early.

Back 4 Blood is set to launch October 12 on Xbox Series, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC. You can take a look at our first impressions of the game here.

Back 4 Blood

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