A portal has been opened from Dublin to New York

The sculpture constantly livestreams video from the two cities, and the results are already brilliant.

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The Portal is an incredibly impressive sculpture. The project essentially creates a livestream link between two locations in Dublin and New York, allowing people to look through and see the other city in real time. I'm sure already you've thought of a few things people could do to get a reaction from the other side of the portal.

And before you can even finish your thoughts, someone has already likely done whatever you were thinking of in front of the portal. From strange dances to someone already being arrested, a lot has happened in the small time the portal has been open.

Mostly, it's the Dublin locals who have been doing the greatest weird and wonderful displays in front of the portal. Step it up, New York, you're falling behind here. Hopefully, we can see more portals connecting two different points in the world, like my house to an uncontacted tribe in the Amazon so I can pretend I'm their god.

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A portal has been opened from Dublin to New York

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