A Nintendo Direct might be set for next month

Nintendo could be skipping a June showcase to give us a July one instead.

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Nintendo might be gearing up for a July Direct, dodging the other gaming showcases set for this month.

This is in no way confirmed, and industry insider Jeff Grubb has only stated he's heard "early rumblings" of a July Nintendo Direct. On his Giant Bombcast, Grubb said the following:

"I'll say that I'm hearing something's gonna be in July. Whether that is a proper Direct, a partner Direct, or a third party showcase Direct... However they want to frame - a Direct Mini. I have no idea, but it seems like... Don't expect anything of that sort, at least until next month, and if that even happens at all. But like I said, rumblings. It seems pretty likely that something could happen next month with Nintendo, although a July Direct would be weird."

Nintendo does have a couple big releases set for the rest of this year, including Pikmin 4, but it would be interesting to see what else the company has planned for the near future.

A Nintendo Direct might be set for next month

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