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Sea of Thieves

A new Sea of Thieves game seems to be in the works

But it's probably not what you think it is...

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Steamforged Games is a known maker of boardgames and generally offers a high quality on both concepts and components. While they do have several original ideas, they have lately been specialising in creating board games based on video games, including franchises like
Dark Souls, Elden Ring, Gears of War, Monster Hunter World and Resident Evil.

Now they have teased a new project on Twitter (which you can check out below), including an emoji of a Jolly Roger flag and an image which is their gear-shaped logo on top of... a treasure map. The latter reveals locations like Crooked Masts, Old Faithful Isle, Kraken Watchtower and Shipwreck Bay.

All of these are known places from Rare's vast ocean in Sea of Thieves, and it gets even more obvious when Steamforge teases that "what Sea will this journey take us on?" (did you notice the capital S in "Sea"?), indicating that it might be voyages at sea. It's a very, very high probability that we are talking about an upcoming Sea of Thieves board game.

Sea of Thieves has been available as a board game before as there is a Monopoly version of it available through the Rare Store, but this is probably a brand new game rather than a re-skin of something else. We firmly believe the Sea of Thieves concept with an open ocean, pirates, skeletons, mysterious islands, sea monsters and of course treasures sounds like a great foundation for a board game. We will get back to you once the game has been announced and will hopefully also be able to deliver a review when it has been released.

Sea of Thieves

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