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Halo Wars 2

A new leader has been released for Halo Wars 2

Kinsano brings the heat.

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Starting today, a new leader has been released for Halo Wars 2 called Kinsano. She seems to be someone who likes playing with fire, since that's a general theme for both her unique units as well as her Battlegroup, so expect a lot of heat and incendiary abilities with enemies being literally set on fire.

Here is her description from the press release: "Morgan "Inferno" Kinsano first fought for the Insurrection, bringing ruin to those who threatened her home. When the Covenant came, she turned her sights on the aliens who wanted to wipe out Humanity. And now the Banished threaten Kinsano's brothers and sisters in arms on the Spirit of Fire...and she will see the Ark burn before she lets the Banished take one more of her friends. She takes to the field in her personalised Flame Cyclops, leading the Firestorm Battle Group, a strike force of ODSTs, Marines, and Hellbringers that specialise in delivering fire to the enemies of humanity."

Kinsano features new units and abilities, as well as eight new Blitz cards, like a Flame Warthog, five Blitz packs of exclusive cards, and all new leader powers and units for multiplayer.

If you have the Season Pass for Halo Wars 2, Morgan Kinsano is included, but she can of course be purchased separately as well. If you haven't tried Halo Wars 2 yet - released for PC and Xbox One last month - check out our review where we explain why this just might be for you.

You can also watch a Kinsano launch trailer down below. Does Kinsano offer something interesting to the game?

Halo Wars 2

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