A new Kinect game has been announced

It looks like someone still sees the worth of the Kinect, even if Microsoft doesn't seem to.

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Microsoft isn't talking a whole lot about Kinect these days, pretending like it doesn't even exist. But when last generation started, it was supposed to be mandatory and Xbox One wouldn't even work without it. Fortunately, Microsoft reconsidered, but the damage was done.

It was quite a while since we heard anything about new Kinect games, but obviously, there's still some who see potential. Now Kinect support has been confirmed for the recently announced Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator. It's basically an organ trading game, which let's you do surgery with Kinect.

You can check it out over here if curious. We assume this will be one of the last times ever we'll write about Kinect in the news section, and it doesn't make us sad at all.

A new Kinect game has been announced

Thanks Rock Paper Shotgun

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