Children of Morta

A new character supports the Bergsons in Children of Morta

The shaman lady Apan has come to the rescue just in time for post-launch update #3.

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A new update for Children of Morta is now available on all platforms. In recent months Dead Mage worked on another playable character to help out the Bergson family in their fight against the Darkness. The shaman Apan can give her allies and herself a life-saving shield that protects against incoming damage. In combat, she uses a staff and wide-area abilities to keep enemies at bay. When you have her in your party, healing globes heal you more and she brings quite a few more surprises for the rest of the crew, too.

Apan is available free of charge for all players and of course, she will be involved in this wonderfully narrated roguelite adventure. To unlock her character, you must have completed half of the game first: Her introduction cut-scene will trigger in the "second hall of Anai-Raha in the Barahut chapter". There are a few more things to note, but you should head to Steam if you want to read the patch notes in more detail. Please note, however, that not all of these things are live in the Nintendo Switch version just yet. According to Dead Mage, this should happen in the next few days.

Children of Morta
Children of MortaChildren of MortaChildren of Morta

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