Batman: Arkham Shadow

A new Batman: Arkham game is in the works

Batman: Arkham Shadow will be the series' first VR game in years.

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Considering Rocksteady has already released one title set in the Arkham universe this year, we weren't really expecting another one to come out. But, by way of developer Camouflaj and publisher Oculus Studios, a new VR Arkham game is set to release.

Batman: Arkham Shadow is a VR game set in the Arkham universe. You'll be playing as Batman - as you probably guessed - and it's likely this takes place before the events of Batman: Arkham Knight, as they forced the bat's story to come to an end.

In the short teaser trailer you can check out below, Batman: Arkham Shadow only shows the world's greatest detective gliding around after a rat, before getting swarmed by many of them in the streets of Gotham. We'll find out more on this game at the Summer Game Fest presentation on the 7th of June. It has a release window of late 2024.


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