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A new Among Us map has been teased

It looks like it could be revealed at The Game Awards.

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A brand-new map for the popular social deduction title, Among Us has been teased, with a full reveal looking to come at The Game Awards in December.

The hint comes after an Among Us Twitter page first popped up out of nowhere, showing off a picture of an area in an unknown map. Looking to resemble a ship of some kind, the picture showed a bunch of different technological instruments, as well as a chair in the centre of the room, on an elevated position. To us, this looks like the bridge of a spaceship where the highest-ranking crew members would pilot the vessel.

Following the picture, a second tweet was added reading; "Hungry for more? Keep an eye out for The Game Awards on Dec 10. It's getting reaaaaal suspicious over there."

Considering this is still very much shrouded in mystery, what would you like to see a new Among Us map bring to the table?

Among Us

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