A new airline lets dogs fly first class

It pampers your puppy pals before they set off into the sky.

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Flying with a dog is quite a lot of trouble, I'd imagine. I've never done it, and now that I own a German Shepherd, I don't think I ever will. But, one airline is looking to give your canine companions the treatment they deserve.

BARK Air's CEO Matt Meeker created the idea when he couldn't fly with his Great Dane. "We cater everything to the dog, trying to lower their anxiety and their stress, so they have the most comfortable, fear-free experience on an airplane," he told Reuters.

Your BARK Air experience starts with you and your dog accessing a lounge filled with treats, complete with a quick check-in. There's even a spa if you fancy it. There's only 10 tickets per flight, so that the dogs are accommodated for, and it you can only fly between New York, Los Angeles, and London right now.

"We're operating at a loss today as we start. The idea is over time, we have a pretty clear pathway to lower the price for the consumer and lower our costs. And that comes with scale and more routes," explains Meeker.

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Already, requests are pouring in for more destinations, letting people take their puppy pals on holiday without hassle.

A new airline lets dogs fly first class

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